The Broken Mirror

Krishna Baldev Vaid, Charles Sparrows


Steps in Darkness

Krishna Baldev Vaid


The Sculptor in Exile

Krishna Baldev Vaid


Letters from a Young Poet: 1887–1895

Rabindranath Tagore (Tr. Rosinka Chaudhuri) , Rosinka Chaudhuri

Rs   499

The Courtesan's Keeper

Kshemendra, A.N.D. Haksar


The Seduction of Shiva

A.N.D. Haksar


Classic Mulk Raj Anand

Mulk Raj Anand, Saros Coswajee


Tamarind History

Sundara Ramaswamy, Blake Wentworth


Love Stands Alone

M.L. Thangappa, A.R. Venkatachalapathy


I, Lalla

Lal Ded, Ranjit Hoskote


In the Bazaar of Love

Paul E. Losensky , Sunil Sharma


The Captured Gazelle

Tahir Ghani , Mufti Mudasir Farooqi, Nusrat Bazaz


The Country Without a Post Office

Agha Shahid Ali


Classic Feluda 1

Satyajit Ray, Gopa Majumdar


It’s a City-showman’s Show!

Anandghan, Imre Bangha


Classic Feluda 2

Satyajit Ray, Gopa Majumdar


Children, Women, Men

Sundara Ramaswamy, Lakshmi Holmstrom


Hats and Doctors

Upendranath Ashk, Daisy Rockwell

Rs   299


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